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Stop Sending “Follow Up Emails” and Become a Connector

Dear Founder,

We are always pushing ourselves (I hope you are - lol) to go to the next networking event, summit, and conference because they truly are like treasure troves of opportunities. They're places where like-minded individuals gather, and connections are forged. Yet, the true value of these connections often lies not just in our ability to build relationships but also in our capacity to be intentional and mindful about how we use them to uplift others.

As a fellow founder, I understand the importance of building a network. However, it's not just about collecting business cards or sending polite "nice to meet you or following up " emails. It's about leveraging our network to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community.

The follow-up I propose is more profound and impactful. It involves actively thinking about the people we meet and how we can connect them with others in our network. Sometimes, we may not have the solution to someone's needs, but we might know someone who does. This kind of follow-up is about being a connector, a facilitator of opportunities.

Additionally, as we go about our life, keep an eye out for job postings, collaborations, or opportunities that could benefit your fellow founders. It's about being proactive in seeking out opportunities for others in our network, even if it doesn't directly benefit us.

Here are some follow-up strategies that can make a significant difference in the lives of fellow founders.

Regularly engage with your contacts through social media, occasional messages, or even face-to-face meetups. This not only keeps your connections fresh but also helps you understand their evolving needs and aspirations.

When you meet someone who has a specific need, think about who in your network could provide a solution. This could be a potential business partner, a mentor, or a service provider. Actively make introductions and facilitate these connections.

As an experienced Founder, remember your guidance can be invaluable. Offer mentorship to those in your network who can benefit from your experience and expertise. It's a fantastic way to give back and help fellow founders navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Keep an eye out for collaborative opportunities, joint ventures, or projects that align with the strengths of multiple founders in your network. You can actively promote and even participate in these ventures to help them succeed.

Always, always, always share relevant articles, resources, or industry insights with your network. By doing so, you provide value beyond traditional connections and position yourself as a source of knowledge and support.

Consider involving your network in social responsibility initiatives. This could be a joint effort to support local communities, fundraise for charitable causes, or promote diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship.

When connecting or following up with someone, make your messages personal and specific. Show that you genuinely care about their progress and well-being. It's about building meaningful relationships, not just professional connections.

Don't forget to celebrate the successes of your network. When someone achieves a milestone, share their achievements within your community and offer your congratulations. It creates a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Keep a record of the connections you've facilitated and the opportunities you've helped create. Over time, you'll see the tangible impact you've had on the entrepreneurial journeys of those in your network.

When we do this we begin to transform our network into a thriving ecosystem of support, where opportunities are shared, and success is a collective endeavor. This is a powerful way to make a lasting impact. So, as you attend networking events and conferences, remember that your follow-up can be a game-changer, not just for you but for the entire community of diverse founders we aim to uplift.

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