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According to Harvard Business Review

"70% of CEO failures are attributed to poor execution and operational issues"

At VSNWKS.™ we don’t just communicate, we create conversations. Founded by Sean James, a former political aide and strategist, VSNWKS.™ is an Atlanta-based full service operations and  communications firm that is passionate about bringing stories to life.

Sean James



In a world brimming with options, VSNWKS. stands out for its unwavering commitment to diverse founders. Why? Because our roots run deep in understanding the unique challenges and potential of diverse leadership. Founded by Sean James, a visionary committed to narrowing the wealth gap through business ownership, VSNWKS. isn’t just a company – it's a movement.

Our approach is bespoke. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, we value the individuality of each founder, tailoring our solutions to align with your distinct needs. VSNWKS. thrives on integrity, passion, and above all, excellence. We don't just help businesses grow; we shape them into beacons of excellence, setting industry standards and inspiring communities.

By choosing VSNWKS, you're not just selecting a partner; you're joining a legacy of leaders who believe in the transformative power of business. A legacy where your vision is seen, your voice is heard, and your business becomes a force for positive change.

Together, let's redefine what success looks like.


Our story is wrapped in the story of our founder Sean James, a former political aide and strategist, Sean began his professional career in New York City working in government and politics. His career quickly catapulted, taking him from humble beginnings as a communications intern to a senior executive team member for an elected official. After a few successful years in government Sean, was led by his faith in God, resigned from his government position to launch his vision - VSNWKS.™ We are here today because of our founder's unique journey with his vision. We are equipped to protect, carry and defend the visions diverse founders and CEOs. When you put your vision in the right hands, special things happen.


We rely on three core values to drive success:

Excellence - We are committed to excellence. 

Integrity - We act with integrity in all we do.

Passion - We lead with passion.

These three pillars form the foundation for everything we do on behalf of our clients. When you partner with VSNWKS. you're choosing an operations and communications firm that is dedicated to defending and growing your brand. 


We consider ourselves a human company. We celebrate and embrace differences as we are ever learning and iterating new pathways for inclusivity and collaboration across all departments, Industries, stakeholders and even the globe. Inequity can not exist when we carry the great vision, ideas and solutions for our diverse-world to come. Our internal values have largely influenced the way we drive our business and the nature of the relationships we have developed with our clients.


Excellence. Integrity. Passion. 

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