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A Race For Content

Dear Founder,

Happy Sunday! This week has been a deep dive into data and research across diversity, media, content, and emotional intelligence. My friend Dr. Martin Pratt recently shared with me the latest research from The Nielsen Company, titled "The Global Black Audience: Shaping The Future of Media."

As both a content consumer and producer, navigating the ever-expanding landscape of 2024 feels like entering a new "space race" for content. This realization led to the launch of SEANJMS content studio in Atlanta, in partnership with Vision Works PR Firm (VSNWKS.). While it's a modest beginning, it's a crucial step to ensure our agency's voice and my voice as a business leader aren't lost amidst the content deluge.

Content has always been a big part of our community's tradition. The way we consume and connect with content is evolving, and so is Black America. We're at the forefront of these changes, redefining our cultural landscape in the digital age.

The Nielsen report provided valuable insights into engaging black audiences, which is particularly pertinent as we strive to support diverse founders.

Here are a few key takeaways:

- More content consumption than ever: Black audiences spend over 81 hours with media each week - Source: Nielsen National TV Panel; Q2 2023

- More global influence in the music topping the charts: 45 of the most popular recordings in the U.S. are from or feature African artists Source: 3 Gracenote Global Music Data, Nov 2023

- 16% of the Black American population will be born outside the U.S. by 2026 - The U.S. Census

- Black viewers spend almost 55% of their media time with TV: live programming, time-shifted viewing and content they access through TV-connected to the internet to stream video content.

So where are we finding our space? Glad you asked. Right now, it's in more conversation-based content, community storytelling, and data-inclusive works that underscore themes impacting diverse founders.

As we race to create content, I'm curious: are you diving in headfirst, or do you find yourself hesitating, like I initially did? I'd love to hear your thoughts on navigating this content landscape.

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