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Our Capabilities

With over a decade of experience we've built a well known name


Listening, research, market analysis, positioning, consumer targeting and brand awareness.

Press Relations

Craft messaging, targeted pitching, media advisories ,press relations, events, press conferences, mentions, and relationship building

Special Events

Events crafted for special purposes, fundraisers, brand launches, red carpet management, and post event follow-up


Dedicated Fractional COO, support hiring, business operations audits, operations strategic plan, people/team trainings, workflow, policy and, SOP creation, strategy and advisory meetings, monitoring, dedicated operations assistant

Brand Partnerships

Brokering new relationships, increase brand exposure, break into new markets, co-branding, distribution partnerships, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, product placement

Crisis Planning

Situation analysis, reputation management, stakeholder identification, statement and key communications development, notification and monitoring and post crisis analysis

Design + Print

Logo, flyer, poster, palm card, banner, ad, marketing design

Strategic Planning

Analysis, stakeholder identification, project goals and key communications development, notification and monitoring, and post-project analysis

Web Development

Storyboarding, content creation, layout, installation, and maintenance

Digital Media

Overall strategy, consumer targeting and engagement, brand awareness, growth hacking, and copy-writing CAGE Code: 9A8T6


541430 Graphic Design Services
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541810 Advertising Agencies
541613 Marketing and Consulting Services
541850 Outdoor Advertising
541820 Public Relations Agencies
541922 Commercial Photography
541910 Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

7336 Commercial Art and Graphic Design
7311 Advertising Agencies
7379 Computer Related Services

T011 Graphic Design Services
D308 Custom Computer Programming Services
7311 Advertising Agencies
R409 Marketing and Consulting Services
R701 Outdoor Advertising
R708 Public Relations Agencies
Q999 Commercial Photography
AA24 Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

03723 Cards, Greeting and Gift
03752 Novelties and Advertising Specialty Products
03778 Souvenirs: Promotional, Advertising, etc.
20839 Desktop Publishing
20850 Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
20951 Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
55762 Signage, Advertising Type (Interior and Exterior)
55970 Signage (Includes Destination, Routing and Advertising)
80156 Signs, American Disability Act (ADA)
80158 Signs: Billboard, Advertising, etc.
90640 Graphic Design Architectural
91501 Advertising Agency Services
91502 Advertising (Notice of Bid Solicitation)
91503 Advertising/Public Relations
91504 Advertising, Outdoor Billboard, etc.
91509 Audio/Video Production Services
91522 Communications Marketing Services
91523 Conference Coordinating and Planning Services
91538 Film and Slide Processing, Duplicating and Touch Up Services
91542 Film and Slide/Tape Production Services
91548 Graphic Art Services (Not Printing)
91551 Information Highway Electronic Service
91569 Motion Picture Production And Distribution Services
91571 Newspaper and Publication Advertising
91572 Photography (Not Aerial Photography)
91573 Public Information Services
91574 Radio Commercial Production
91582 Video Production
91596 Web Design, Management and Maintenance Service
91802 Audio/Visual Consulting Services
91807 Advertising Consulting
91826 Communications: Public Relations Consulting
91876 Marketing Consulting
96153 Marketing Services (Incl. Distribution, Research, Sales Promotions, etc.)
96515 Artwork, Camera Ready, Graphic Design Services for Printing

541430 Graphic Design, Commercial art, Graphic artists, Corporate ID, Logo, Medical art, Illustration, Design consulting
541820 Public relations agencies, Public relations consulting services, Public relations services
541830 Media buying agencies, Media buying services
541840 Advertising media representatives, Media buying agencies & services, Magazine advertising representatives
541850 Newspaper, Publisher, Radio, Television, Advertising, Billboard, Transit ad services, Out-of-home media, Store display
541860 Advertising material preparation services for mailing, Direct mail advertising, Direct distribution ad campaign
541870 Direct, Coupon, Circular, Directory, Telephone, Door-to-door, Flyer, Handbill, & Sample distribution services
541890 Ad distribution, Demonstration services, Merchandise, Display & Sign lettering, Painting, Window dressing, Store
541910 Broadcast media rating, Marketing analysis, Opinion research, Political & Public opinion polling & research services
541613 Marketing consulting services
541810 Advertising Agencies, Writers of Advertising Copy, Desktop publishing, Motion Picture, and Video Production
512191 Motion Picture
512199 Booking agencies

82140000 Graphic Design
43232404 Graphical user interface development software
43232408 Web platform development software
80141501 Marketing analysis
80141505 Marketing plans

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