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I still do stuff scared

Dear founder,

I still do stuff scared. Scared doesn't mean stop; it means opportunity. As I prepare for a networking event, I want to share my experience of walking into a room full of complete strangers that still scares me to some extent. There have been times when that fear almost paralyzed me to the point of not attending. But over time, I've learned a unique trick – preparation.

Being introverted has its strengths and challenges. I've often thrived behind the scenes, where my focus, dedication, and attention to detail shine. Yet, there's a part of me that constantly yearns to make the transition to being more out front. It's a journey I've been navigating, and I believe that by harnessing the power of intention, as I do when preparing for events and networking, I can bridge that gap. While the introverted nature remains a core part of who I am, it's about finding the right balance to step into the spotlight when necessary while staying true to my authentic self.

Preparation is the key to turning those scared emotions into intention. Before the event, take the time to research and learn about who will be in the room. Find out about the host, the speakers, and the attendees. This knowledge empowers you to be intentional about your interactions.

Start by reaching out in advance, introducing yourself, and expressing your excitement about the event. This initial contact can make walking into the room feel less daunting, as you've already established a connection. It also shows your passion and commitment, which aligns with my personal core value to "passionate" about whatever I touch.

During the event, focus on connecting and engaging. Engage with other attendees by seeking out those who share common interests or experiences. Research their work and come prepared with thoughtful questions or comments. This not only makes the interaction more meaningful but also demonstrates your dedication to excellence. Building these connections can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations. Remember, networking is a powerful tool for any founder.

In the end, doing things scared can be a source of strength. It pushes us out of our comfort zones, enabling us to seize opportunities we might otherwise miss. So, embrace your fear, prepare diligently, and turn it into intention. It's a strategy that's helped me, and I'm sure it can benefit you too. Remember, show up authentically YOU!

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