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Cutomized booklets to remember your loved one. Booklets are available in various sizes and page counts. Price listed is for design only. For custom printing quote email us at 


After your purchase you MUST complete the memorial keepsake information form


Our Custom 8-Page Memorial Keepsake Booklets—a heartfelt tribute crafted with precision and care. Our commitment to excellence and passion for meaningful design sets us apart.


Immerse yourself in a seamless experience where every page unfolds a unique story. Our team, driven by integrity, specializes in custom design work that captures the essence of your loved ones. From personalized themes to carefully chosen graphics, we ensure that each booklet reflects the individuality of the person being remembered.


It's important to note that our custom design work comes with a dedication to quality. Our disclaimer underscores our commitment to meeting your expectations, ensuring satisfaction with the final product. Please be aware that the order for the custom 8-page memorial keepsake booklet does not include printing. This allows you the flexibility to choose a printing option that suits your preferences.


At VSNWKS.™, we understand the significance of preserving memories. Trust us to create a timeless tribute that honors your loved ones in a way that is both dignified and memorable.


Embrace the power of personalized storytelling with our Custom 8-Page Memorial Keepsake Booklets.


Memorial/Funeral Booklet (8 Page) Design

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