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A Case Study: David Vs. Goliath


An emerging Atlanta small business found itself in the midst of a daunting trademark and intellectual property battle against a formidable corporation. This David-and-Goliath scenario highlighted the pressing need for a comprehensive approach to protect the small business's brand identity and navigate the legal complexities involved.


The client faced a multifaceted challenge. Firstly, they lacked prior press and media training, leaving them ill-equipped to effectively communicate their position amidst legal complexities. Additionally, their messaging strategy was unclear, and their website failed to reflect the rich narrative of their brand story and history. Furthermore, critical elements such as a privacy policy and copyright protection were absent, exposing them to potential vulnerabilities.


In response to the challenges at hand, VSNWKS.™ swiftly implemented a crisis plan tailored to the unique needs of the client. Media training was conducted to empower the client with the skills needed to navigate interviews and present a compelling narrative. Simultaneously, the website underwent a comprehensive overhaul, aligning it with the brand's story and ensuring legal compliance with the inclusion of privacy policies and copyright protection.

Strategic media placements were secured at both local and national levels, leveraging the power of storytelling to generate positive exposure. Complementing this, a targeted advertising campaign was launched across various channels, not only safeguarding the brand's reputation but also driving a notable uptick in sales through increased visibility.

This holistic approach not only addressed the immediate challenges posed by the legal battle but positioned the small business for sustained growth by strengthening its brand image, legal standing, and market presence.

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