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CLIENT NEWS: Alysha Pruitt Harvey to Release New Book "Risk IT All: Wounds To Wisdom"

June 10, 2022, Atlanta, Georgia: RISK IT ALL: Wounds to Wisdom is Alysha Pruitt Harvey's journey of entrepreneurship and the lessons she has learned. Success does not happen alone nor overnight. You must be open to reaching out for guidance, assistance, and help; you must possess the patience to endure the trials and tribulations along the way. It is imperative that you be present in mind, body, and spirit at each step of the journey so that you can become the best version of yourself in the best of times and those challenging moments. There are lessons we all need to learn before we are wholly trusted with our gifts and purpose. Your journey will be different and won't have the same level of difficulty as someone else's, but whatever your journey brings, remember you got this!

About the Author

Alysha Pruitt Harvey is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, tax strategist, and accountant best known for her accounting and tax firm, Distinct Tax Consulting Group. She is remarkably the only Black woman Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Enrolled Agent (EA) in Morrow, GA. Alysha demystifies the intimidating world of business and taxes with skilled and practical guidance, serving hundreds of business owners, helping them stabilize their business foundation, clear business debt, and scale their company from double-digit thousands to millions in gross revenue. Visit to learn more.

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