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Transforming Businesses through Strategic Communications and Operations

How many times in business have said...

I wish my clients knew ...

or I wish more people knew ...

Now they can.

We Do Communications Differently

We are a visionary hub for elevating businesses through unparalleled communications and optimized operations. With a proven track record since 2017, we've been empowering diverse founders and CEOs across the USA to the tell their authentic brand story - yell it from the highest mountains. 

At VSNWKS.™, we know that vision starts where you are. We understand that diverse founders have unique stories, and a special starting point on their journey. That's why our philosophy and approach is deeply rooted in integrated communications. Marketing is not independent of Public Relations and Social Media is not independent of strategic brand partnerships rather they all work together, Yes, Integrated. Your story as a diverse founder has not been linear and neither should your communications strategy. 

We offer

  • Strategic Branding

  • Public Relations Campaigns

  •  Crisis Prevention and  Management

  • Compelling Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

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VSNWKS.™ founded by Sean James in 2017, is dedicated to propelling diverse founders and CEOs toward unprecedented success. With a commitment to innovation and empowerment, we're here to support your journey to becoming a millionaire through business ownership.


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